From idea to finished product

Global sourcing – achieve high quality at attractive prices
We supply high quality metal & plastic components to a wide range of different industries in Scandinavia. We create value for our customers year after year, both for large and small productions.

Your preferred business partner

Since 1999, Voss Industry A/S has been a subsupplier of technical components for industry.
We have over 50 suppliers in the East and Europe who are ISO certified and approved by us.

We also work with high-tech products with great accuracy, for all types of manufacturing companies at home and abroad. At Voss Industry A/S, we see consulting and product development as an important part of our role as a supplier of technical components.

The quality is always according to the customer's wishes and at attractive prices


We possess a wide range of different areas of competence, and can deliver products at the desired price or quality.

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Advice from start to finish

High quality product development at affordable prices

The idea phase

We typically assist with making construction drawings of items, including form springs, and assessment and selection of materials, production methods, surface treatments, etc. 

It can often be an advantage to get us involved early in the development phase, as we can provide input that can ensure good quality and price.

Design & Prototyping

We have our own dual extruder 3D printer that can print in two materials while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

In addition, we carry out laser cutting of various materials as well as carrying out bending of punched parts and spot welding, so that the function of the element can be tested before final production.


We see it as a natural part of our DNA to participate in the development and production of new components, as we can contribute the necessary know-how that ensures quality and minimizes errors.

With more than 35 years of experience in technical components, we can advise you on the best solution for your product. The price and quality are always based on the customer's wishes.


Typically, an annual framework agreement on a number of items will regulate and manage the logistics during the year. We work in a fully integrated system that aims to ensure correct delivery of goods as agreed, and minimize unnecessary down-time.

Most of our customers want to make use of VOSS' warehouse service, where the customer first pays when the goods are taken from the warehouse.


VOSS collaborates with more than 50 selected suppliers who are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for industrial use. We also have certified manufacturers that are ISO 13485 and ISO 15378 certified for the medical industry.

They are all certified specialists in their respective fields, and they know our requirements for quality. We have good experience in running new productions through - from testing hand samples to final deliveries.

Quality assurance

At VOSS INDUSTRY A/S, we are certified according to the quality management system DS/EN ISO 9001:2015, which makes us an agreement partner with a proven ability to meet complex requirements.

The quality management system ensures consistent quality management from inquiry to delivery of the finished product. We have continuous control throughout the entire process, and we are happy to provide documentation and certificates with the delivery.

Documentation can e.g. consist of:

  • Material certificate

  • Curing certificate

  • Control report with selected critical targets as requested by the customer

  • Roughness measurement of teeth, diameters and holes

  • Crack control report according to the desired standard

All our subjects, and thus also our process control, are customer-specific. We are flexible, and we adapt our quality assurance and documentation to customer wishes and requirements.

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