About Voss Industry

High level of service and great flexibility have made us an attractive business partner.

At Voss Industry A/S, we see consulting and product development as an important part of our role as a supplier of technical components. We mostly work with high-tech products with great accuracy, for all types of production companies in the country and abroad.

Voss Industry A/S started trading in technical components in 1985 in the former Georg Voss A/S. Over the years, we have established contacts with a number of certified suppliers from most parts of the world. Our suppliers come from the East and Europe. Each of these suppliers are specialists in their field.

Our concept is to deliver goods from our warehouse in Herfølge from day to day, and to be the warehouse manager for concluded framework agreements.

We work within the following products, where we currently deliver to over 200 companies:

The metal industry: Turning, punching and machining. 

Metal Casting: Wax, cold-formed, sintered, mime and pressure, etc 

Magnets: Magnets by tasks. 

The spring industry: Springs of all types and shapes, small and large. 

The plastics industry: Tool manufacturing, rotational molding, PIM, extrusion molding, blow molding, etc 

Rubber products: Casting according to tasks. 

Surface treatment: PVD treatment, chrome plating, gold, silver, nickel, tin, anodizing etc 

Total solutions: Semi-finished and finished products according to tasks. 

The pharmaceutical industry: Micro components, needles, titanium, POM, silicone etc

You get that with us

High level of service and great flexibility, together with our technical capacity, have made Voss Industry an attractive business partner, where the awareness of customers' demands for quality and economy is at the center.

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To assist our customers with technical know-how when new products are developed. To create value for our customers and strengthen their competitiveness.


To be a developing, competent and innovative company. To be a diligent, quality-conscious and respected business partner.