Surface coating

Surface coating

Voss has several selected partners who are experts in surface coating of several types of materials. Voss supplies parts to various industries and can supply components with the required properties.

For metal parts, we can do: Corrosion resistance, Hot-dip galvanizing, Electrozinc plating, Geomet Dacrome, Anodizing, Electronic parts, Copper plating, Ni plating, Sn plating, Silver plating, Gold plating, Decorative parts, PVD plating, Chrome plating, gunmetal plating, copper, brass , lacquered copper, lacquered brass, powder coating and wet paint.

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Surface Plating


  • Voss Industry can supply corrosion test results for plating (Grit test & thickness).
  • Also helps customers establish requirements for visual inspection.
  • All plating is carried out by suppliers with direct requirements to protect the environment.
  • All coatings are free of hazardous materials and require full filling in the REACH and Rohs directives.